Company details, Contacts etc.

Company details / Registered Office (Section updated 7 November 2018)

The Stephenson Locomotive Society is a private company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales Company Number 10471004. Our Registered Office changed to 23 Woodland Road, Darlington DL3 7BJ w.e.f 00:01 on 8 November 2018.

Organisational structure (Section updated 5 April 2021)

President - Dr Michael Bailey MBE.

Vice Presidents - D J Cobby, C Green, I Johnson, D.B. Lewis, A D Roche & A Shooter CBE.

Management (Section updated 1 January 2017)

The Society/Company is managed by an elected Board, together with other members, forming an overall Management Team. The contact details for the Management Team are set out below.

We also have a network of local Centres organising meetings and events across the country. The currently active Centres are located in Ardrossan, London (Barnet), Godalming, Kendal, Kidderminster, Manchester, Teesside (2 venues) and Newcastle upon Tyne, The Centre contact and venue details are listed on the Meetings Venues page and events are listed in the Perpetual calendar. Our meetings are also listed in the events diary sections of most of the railway press and appear as updates in our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Management Team and email contacts (Section updated 20 July 2021)

Email to - Chairman - Brian Dotson

Email to - Company Secretary - Gerry Nichols ( Note split in roles between Company & General Secretary from 30 June 2018 onwards)

Email to: - General Secretary - Ted Buckley. Please DO NOT USE the phone number of our late General Secretary accidentally left in Journal 912.

Email to - Company Treasurer - Eric Rattray

Email to - Librarian - Gerry Nichols

Email to - Photograph Collection Custodian - K Greenwood

Email to - Journal Editor - Kelvyn Hulme (Sept/Oct 2021 edition and onwards)

Email to - Promotions & Publicity Officer / Web coordinator - John New

Email to - Membership Secretary - Geoffrey C Casey

Email to - For any other query

Twitter = @Stephenson_loco Twitter


The text, site design and other information on this website is copyright The Stephenson Locomotive Society. The photographs used remain either the copyright of the SLS or that of the original photographer and have NOT been released into the public domain via Creative Commons unless that is individually endorsed.


For academic referencing of any of our web-pages or Journal content please use the location of the Company's Registered Office which changes to 23 Woodland Road, Darlington DL3 7BJ w.e.f 00:01 on 8 November 2018. For follow up queries, requests to reproduce material etc., please use the relevant email addresses as shown above, (Section updated 9 August 2017)

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